NKMNuclear Knowledge Management
NKMNational Kite Month (April)
NKMNetwork Knowledge Management
NKMNeem Kernel Meal (animal diets)
NKMNewton-Kantorovich Method
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Dati and NKM are likely to split the right-wing and conservative vote, although both a "vibrant" politicians, Yates noted.
Dati, who will likely face a bitter and tough primary against NKM for Paris' ever- dwindling conservative vote, has also been criticized by the French media for her excessive attention to elegant fashion, frequently wearing clothes designed by Christian Dior.
At any rate, while the media will likely focus primarily on the back-and-forth hostilities between Dati and NKM, Yates expects Hidalgo to win the race.
The Nkm [25] criterion predicts the risk of neck injury by merging the upper-neck shear force ([F.sub.x]) and bending moment ([M.sub.y]) according to
Nkm = [absolute value of [F.sub.x](t)]/[F.sub.int] + [absolute value of [M.sub.y](t)]/[M.sub.int], (2)
An Nkm score greater than 1 in any of the four cases predicts a neck injury in that mode.
Therefore, to assess whiplash injury risk for adult wheelchair users (Figure 7) in this article, we will use the risk probabilities associated with neck injuries with symptoms lasting >1 month and the calculated NIC and Nkm scores derived by Kullgren et al.
The Nkm is calculated from the upper-neck shear force ([F.sub.x]) and bending moment ([M.sub.y]) (Figure 11).
Figure 15 shows the upper-neck shear force and bending moment and the resulting extension-posterior Nkm test scores for the prototype head restraint (hr_04), the Rolko (hr_05) with no gap, and no head restraint (no_hr_01).
For the head-restraint tests, two identical tests were conducted with the lighter prototype and two with the heavier prototype, which showed good kinematic repeatability, as well as consistent extension-posterior Nkm and NIC scores (Tables 3 and 4).
Similarly, the peak extension-posterior Nkm score for test no_hr_01 (where the mechanical stop did not contact the head and hence extension-posterior Nkm can be calculated) showed >45 percent risk of similar symptoms.
Evaluation of the NIC and extension-posterior Nkm showed that both the prototype and the Rolko head restraints significantly reduced injury scores compared with no head restraint (Tables 3, 4, and a summary in Table 5).