NKNNorthwest Knowledge Network (University of Idaho; Moscow, ID)
NKNNational Kart News (go-kart magazine)
NKNNational Knowledge Network (India)
NKNNaczelny Komitet Narodowy (Polish: Superior National Committee, 1912)
NKNNaczelnego Komitetu Narodowego (Polish: Chief of the National Committee)
NKNNormalisatie Kringen Nederland (Netherlands Standards Association)
NKNNottingham Knowledge Network (UK)
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Nitra will become the very first regional capital to offer comprehensive integration services, said #317ubica Lachkaacute of NKN."The city and its community cannot be indifferent to the arrival of foreigners and at the same time, their arrival cannot be met with ignorance and refusal," she said, as quoted by MY Nitrianske Noviny.
Another interesting study could be that between State-Wide Area Network (SWAN) & NKN (both carrying data); the percentage utilization of SWAN (socioeconomic sector wise); the satisfaction level (though SWAN does not relate to S&T agencies but could be made of) etc.
NKN will be connected from Afghanistan to Delhi or Mumbai, from Bangladesh to Kolkata or Delhi, from Bhutan to Kolkata or Delhi, from Nepal to Kolkata or Delhi, from Maldives to Chennai or Mumbai and from Sri Lanka to Chennai or Mumbai.
Consonant sounds include stops or plosives bnshy y dhmkyr (which are further divided into different categories listed below), implosives khly dhmkyr nasals nkn y nk r, laterals, trills and fricatives [8].
On behalf of the whole group of researchers I also want to express our gratitude for financial support in various stages of the project to the National Research Foundation of South Africa (NRF), the Noordelike Kennisnetwerk (NKN) and the Nederlandse Taalunie, the Fonds Neerlandistiek and the Research Unit 04 (Language and Literature in the South African Context) at the North-West University.
The committee, headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gave the go- ahead to the National Knowledge Network ( NKN), which was suggested by the National Knowledge Commission.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sep 20 (ANI): Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that India wishes to help Afghanistan with the National Knowledge Network (NKN) programme, an initiative that will allow educational institutes in the war-torn country to connect using high-speed internet.
The scientists and students avail Internet access on all these nodes, through seven 512 kbps DAMA VSATs, 6 Mbps Leased Lines, 20 Broadband connections and 1 Gbps NKN Line).
125 - Casey Krull, Moh, d Ryan Vandercoevring, NKN, 7-5.