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NKONeptune Krill Oil (health supplement)
NKONavy Knowledge Online (US Navy)
NKONorth Kenwood Oakland (University of Chicago Charter School campus; Chicago, IL)
NKONederlandse Katholieke Oudervereniging (Dutch: Dutch Catholic Parents; Netherlands)
NKONederlandse Kalibratie Organisatie (Dutch: Dutch Calibration Organization; Netherlands)
NKONew Keith Order (gaming clan)
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Once new users are certified through NKO and they have registered, they can access Safari Books Online directly at: https://www.
Our cutover to the redesigned NKO requires transitioning the original NKO site with the same functionality and capabilities to new servers, using new and current portal technology, and migrating more than 20 gigabytes of data, content, and courses," said Peg David, the NKO program manager for the Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) in Pensacola.
in July 2002 won a one-year, $5 million contract to build and manage NKO for the Naval Educational and Training Command, he said.
Later this year, Neptune will also make available three new condition-specific formulations, including: NKO BEAT (supports heart health and blood circulation); NKO FLEX (supports bone and joint health); and NKO FOCUS (supports brain and vision health).
Dubner, a best-selling book that offers alternative ways of looking at fads and trends and encourages readers to consider the possibility that things are not always what they appear to be, is available on NKO as an audiobook.
After accessing the NKO home page, a Sailor selects the "Career Management" tab and navigates along the blue side banner and selects the Enlisted LaDR hyperlink.
NKO is the only clinically proven krill oil to be a safe and effective treatment for chronic human health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, joint pain, ADHD and PMS.
We have loaded many of the NKO programs into the shipboard computer systems where it easily can be accessed through the Sea Warrior link.
The NKO ORM application and integration course is approved as a suitable substitute for submarines that are unavailable during the times listed on the message.
As with audiobooks, over a dozen e-book versions of NPRP titles (and thousands of other books) are available for free download on NKO, through the courtesy of the Navy General Library Program.
In December 2009, a DON command received a heads up that PII data had been discovered in a file on the NKO Web site without security controls.