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NKRNorwegian Krone (national currency)
NKRNagorno Karabakh Republic
NKRNatural Killer Cell Receptor
NKRNeuromedin K Receptor
NKRNederlandse Kendo Renmei (Dutch Kendo Federation; martial arts group)
NKRNo Key Required (auto alarm system)
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We are thrilled to be working with the American Foundation for Donation and Transplantation," said NKR president and founder Garet Hil.
Such effects could not be detected through the conventional path model because of high multicollinearity of characters, such as ED, TKR, and NKR.
The State budget deficit is expected to reach NKr 54 billion in 1993, roughly NKr 5 billion above the level of the draft budget approved in December 1993, reflecting mainly lower revenues from both mainland and oil activities.
It is well-known that those missions, which were carried out with the consent and support of the NKR authorities, in their
DOF In a statement stated that the company's banks will as part of the refinancing contribute with a 75 per cent reduction of amortizations on the bank facilities in DOF Rederi and 50 per cent-owned DOF Deepwater AS for a three year period with a total liquidity effect of NKr 1,300 million.
necessity of settlement of all the safety problems, Prime Minister of the NKR, Ara Harutyunyan, said during the meeting with students of
The sales price, which includes the Norwegian company's debt burden, equals about 14 times Hydro Seafood's earnings before interest and tax and gives it a pre-tax added value on paper of Nkr 2.
Broker Seabrokers said that Reach Subsea has received a letter of award for a NKr 60-70 million contract to be executed in 2015.
Representation of the NKR to Armenia with a delegation of US congressmen headed by chairman of