NKRFNational Kidney Research Fund (UK)
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To show her support she climbed Ben Nevis last September and raised pounds 1,350 for the NKRF.
We used the following antibodies: NF-kB repressing factor (NKRF), CBP [cyclic AMP responsive element binding protein (CREB) binding protein], mot-2 (a p53 inhibitor), and [beta] actin (all from Sigma); and NF-kB inhibitor (IkB[alpha], phosphorylated IkB[alpha] [p-IkB[alpha] (serine 32)], RelA (a subunit of NF-kB), phosphorylated RelA (p-RelA; serine 536), wild-type p53, p-p53 (serine 15), and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) (all from Cell Signaling Technology).
Of these, we selected NKRF (an NF-kB inhibitor) and mot-2 (a p53 inhibitor) for further analysis.
This year alone, NKRF in Wales is committed to supporting more than pounds 200,000 in research projects.
Almost 400 people from all over Wales will take part in the sponsored abseil in aid of The National Kidney Research Fund (NKRF).
Tom Irving, area fundraising manager for NKRF in Wales, said: "The response from the school and many other organisations has been fantastic."
And one of her first tasks as fundraiser for the National Kidney Research Fund (NKRF) in Wales was to help present a new bedside trolley for use on the high care kidney unit at Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales where she was treated.