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NKSA New Kind of Science (book by Stephen Wolfram)
NKSNorsk Kjemisk Selskap (Norwegian chemical society)
NKSNational Knowledge Service (UK National Health Service)
NKSNihon Keizai Shimbun (Japanese newspaper)
NKSNorton Knatchbull School (UK)
NKSNetwork Knowledge Server
NKSNo Kill Solutions (consulting firm)
NKSNorthern Kentucky Symphony (now Kentucky Symphony Orchestra)
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to " - and dog offered numbers" sum nks he ding her cot a d off s It's all go.
But NKS are adamant this is only the start of a lengthy legal battle.
Reportedly, in August 2017, C-Rad had announced a contract with Elekta Instrument to supply radiation therapy equipment to NKS and Sodersjukhuset.
Elekta had announced in December 2017 that it will fully equip the radiation therapy department of SoS and provide brachytherapy solutions to New Karolinska Solna (NKS).
The NKS contract required the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), which provided a single system for designers, contractors and facilities managers to collaborate on.
NKs are innate lymphoid cells, primarily involved in the host defence against infection and in the process of tumour immunosurveillance.
Comparatively to DHE, above-ground biomass (BIO), spike number (SN), spike weight (SW), grain yield (GY), number of kernels per spike (NKS) number of kernels per square meter ([NKM.sup.2]) and economical yield ([YLD.sub.eco]) presented a large variability, in the three cross populations.
Abueva cites these arguments for building a NKS: (1) Christianity and Islam are religions of love and peace that command us not to kill; (2) Violence, torture, unusual disappearances, killing, and displacement of human beings cause uncalculable human loss, prohibited and punishable by law; (3) In 2007, Nobel Peace laureates adopted Principle 13 of the Charter for a World Without Violence which calls for the "right of everyone not to be killed, and the responsibility not to kill others"; (4) Killing of human beings is not inherent in our human nature; (5) the Philippines has joined the increasing number of countries in the world where writers, artists, scholars, scientists, the religious, and other leaders are engaged in building nonkilling societies.
The man got stuck in more than a foot of water as he drove along Main Street, in Wolston, yesterday morning after the River Avon burst its bas nks following hours of heavy rainfall.