NKTNew Kadampa Tradition
NKTNatural killer T-cells (lymphocytes)
NKTNewman-Keuls Test
NKTNever Knew That (Internet slang)
NKTNederlands Keuringsinstituut voor Telecommunicatieapparatuur (Dutch Regulatory Branch)
NKTNon-Kinetic Technology
NKTNorthern Kentucky Transit, Inc.
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Patients with autoimmune disorders have been observed to have drastically reduced numbers of NKT cells.
The research showed NKT cell protection against asthma could be induced by exposing baby suckling mice to a molecule from the stomach bug Helicobacter pylori.
The scientists, led by Dr Dale Umetsu, from Harvard Medical School in Boston, US, wrote: "Our results suggest that infection with certain micro-organisms can prevent the subsequent development of asthma and allergy by expanding the relative proportion of a specific subset of NKT cells, thus providing an immunological mechanism for the hygiene hypothesis.
NKT cells are believed to be implicated in type 1 diabetes, and their functional and/or numerical deficiency is thought to be largely responsible for the development of this disease in NOD mice.
Heterosubtypic immunity to influenza A virus in mice lacking IgA, all Ig, NKT cells, or [gamma][delta] T cells.
Recent studies have shown that Toxoplasma gondii stimulates host cells through TLR2 and TLR4, activates B lymphocytes, NK and NKT cells, and stimulates Interferongamma and NO production.
Most white blood cells respond to foreign proteins to protect the body, but NKT cells are unique in that they respond to glycolipids, which are natural biochemicals made of linked fat and sugar.
Kelsang describes the NKT as "pure Gelugpas," and the organization appears to have targeted Westerners for recruitment.
The immediate difference of the NKT pieces is their higher percentage of Mg, Cl, Ca and Ti compared with the other 13 specimens.
The NKT bought Ashe Hall last year for pounds 550,100 from Derbyshire County Council.
Nilfisk-Advance is a part of the NKT Group, which is an OMX20 company listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.