NKTNew Kadampa Tradition
NKTNatural killer T-cells (lymphocytes)
NKTNewman-Keuls Test
NKTNever Knew That (Internet slang)
NKTNederlands Keuringsinstituut voor Telecommunicatieapparatuur (Dutch Regulatory Branch)
NKTNon-Kinetic Technology
NKTNorthern Kentucky Transit, Inc.
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According to NKT, the FID decision is expected during Autumn 2018 and follows the success of Moray East in the recent UK allocation of Contracts For Difference (CfD).
For NKT, the Borssele Beta contract value will be approximately EUR90m at market prices.
Last September, NKT Cables announced its deal to acquire ABB's global high-voltage cable system business with a total enterprise value of EUR 836m (USD 934m).
Under the agreement, Baylor will perform the research required to develop off-the-shelf NKT cell therapies with funding and strategic input from Cell Medica.
NKT Cables designs, manufactures and supplies power cables for low-, medium- and high-voltage solutions mainly in the alternating current (AC)-area.
1)-3) The single invariant V[alpha]14J[alpha]18 receptor is exclusively used by NKT cells and, unexpectedly, not by conventional T cells even though both gene segments are present in a typical context within the TCR[alpha]-chain gene locus.
Patients with autoimmune disorders have been observed to have drastically reduced numbers of NKT cells.
NKT Therapeutics is currently recruiting patients in the study in a bid to establish the optimal dose for its planned Phase II trials of the therapy, said president and CEO Dr.
NKT cells respond to wound injuries by producing proteins called cytokines and chemokines that attract neutrophils and other white blood cells to the wound.
The research showed NKT cell protection against asthma could be induced by exposing baby suckling mice to a molecule from the stomach bug Helicobacter pylori.
The NKT present themselves as attempting to exercise religious freedom in the face of oppression by the Dalai Lama.
About 20 NKT followers moved in four months ago from a Victorian hotel they converted into a temple in Buxton.