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NKVDNarodny Kommisariat Vnutrennikh Del (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, former Soviet Union under Stalin)
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The Politburo's decision of 5 March 1940 stipulated that all Polish prisoners of war being held in the NKVD camps, without exception, were liable to extrajudicial execution, which was carried out by the Soviet secret police in the following months.
While there's no evidence that Putin's father served in a blocking unit, you do wonder what kind of man chose to join the NKVD.
To a Soviet officer, educated in Bolshevik schools and trained in the Red Army or the NKVD," Applebaum writes, "an active participant in any political group other than the communist party was a suspicious figure by definition, and probably a saboteur or spy.
3) The search led to the discovery of the bodies of the murdered Polish officers, the last piece of evidence linking the NKVD to the murders.
Growing up in France, Mercader embraced his mother's ideology, then worked for various leftist organizations in Spain and eventually came to the attention of NKVD recruitment officer Nahum Eitingon, who took him to Moscow to train as a Soviet agent.
El NKVD no supero los diez efectivos en Espana durante toda la guerra y sus asesinatos no superaron la veintena, por lo que el autor concluye que el NKVD no tuvo presencia e influencia global en todo el conflicto espanol.
mobilizuotas i Raudonaja armija, tiksliau--uzdaromas i specialuji NKVD filtravimo lageri.
It concludes not only that Patton was assassinated, but that it was done through a collaboration of the American Office of Strategic Services [the forerunner of the CIA] and the NKVD [the Soviet forerunner of the KGB].
Stalin's secret war; the NKVD on the Eastern front.
If, like me, he had had dealings with the SS and SA stormtroopers of the last war and later the Soviet secret police the GPU and NKVD, he would know that they killed millions of people through their commitment to atheism.
They and others like them (professors, artists, doctors, librarians) are transported in cattle cars to Siberia where they become slaves to the NKVD, later known as the KGB, the intelligence and security police of the former Soviet Union.