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NKVDNarodny Kommisariat Vnutrennikh Del (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, former Soviet Union under Stalin)
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Korovin, of the USSR's Tula arsenal, developed a pocket-type pistol for use as a self-defense weapon by army officers and party officials and for issue to undercover officers of the NKVD. Based upon Browning and Mauser designs, the Pistolet Tula-Korovin was a striker-fired, blowback-operated pistol with a single-action trigger.
The relaxation of Soviet judicial practices with regard to collaborators, however, proceeded slowly, due to two factors: first, army and NKVD officers strove to demonstrate their zeal; and second, a vengeful local populace also sometimes pressed for rough justice.
On 5 March 1940, acting on the proposal of the NKVD head, the members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR approved the extrajudicial execution of Polish prisoners of war, which was to be carried out by NKVD officers.
While there's no evidence that Putin's father served in a blocking unit, you do wonder what kind of man chose to join the NKVD.
"To a Soviet officer, educated in Bolshevik schools and trained in the Red Army or the NKVD," Applebaum writes, "an active participant in any political group other than the communist party was a suspicious figure by definition, and probably a saboteur or spy." The final, and most ruthless policy, was ethnic cleansing, mainly of Germans but also of Poles and Hungarians, either to West Germany or to the Gulags.
In the spring of 1940, pursuant to a March 5th order of the Political Bureau of the VCP (b), the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) murdered about 22,000 Polish prisoners of war and other Polish citizens that had been arrested in the Polish territories annexed to the Soviet Union.
Growing up in France, Mercader embraced his mother's ideology, then worked for various leftist organizations in Spain and eventually came to the attention of NKVD recruitment officer Nahum Eitingon, who took him to Moscow to train as a Soviet agent.
Initially known by the acronym MVD, the ministry's intelligence unit was renamed NKVD under Stalin.
mobilizuotas i Raudonaja armija, tiksliau--uzdaromas i specialuji NKVD filtravimo lageri.
It concludes not only that Patton was assassinated, but that it was done through a collaboration of the American Office of Strategic Services [the forerunner of the CIA] and the NKVD [the Soviet forerunner of the KGB].