NKWNutzkraftfahrzeug (German: heavy duty vehicle)
NKWNational Knowledge Week (awareness campaign)
NKWNowy Kurier Warszawski (Polish)
NKWNorth Korean Won (currency)
NKWNederlandse Kampioens Wedstrijden (Dutch: Dutch Championship Game)
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Pakistan does not have to look out for examples and solutions; a peep into past and especially 1971 debacle of erstwhile East Pakistan provides us with a glaring example of use of NKW against Pakistan and our inability to meet the challenge resulting in dismemberment of the country.
While 1971 debacle has been blamed on inept handling of security and psychosocial environment of that time by our leadership, very less is discussed about Indian use of NKW to create the strategic space for her military manoeuvre.
If Pakistan was dismembered in 1971 by an adroit manoeuvre through NKW, why Pakistan failed to develop a concept and design for a defensive and offensive NKW And this moot point takes us to the 21st century.
It is important to understand and identify how the sub-process of recruits and leaders are picked developed and used as part of the Non Kinetic Warfare (NKW) for kinetic effect.
Since 9/11 Pakistan has faced the onset of the NKW in its full spectre both as the key driving element of use of force by the supra individuals and the resurrection of the supra individuals to create the mass effect of insurgency and terrorism in the country.
In conclusion NKW is unrestricted warfare fought within the realm of the narrative and the legal space for action and in-action.