NKYANorthern Kentucky Youth Association (Florence, KY)
NKYANew Kent Youth Association (Quinton, VA)
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In Tanzania, Nkya is lobbying policy makers to set up an intersectoral committee that could both encourage farmers to use chemicals correctly and gather information from them to inform public health decisions about vector control.
(22) Ananilea, Nkya. "Advocacy and Participatory Governance: Improvement of Women Condition in Tanzania, example of TAMWA".
See Ananilea Nkya, Politics-Tanzania: Women still Face Political Marginalization ipsnews.net/ 11 November, 2009
The very scarce empirical studies on informal institutions looked at socio-cultural factors such as kinship, community networks, religion, norms, and values as manifestations of informal institutions having varying degrees of influence on human or organisational behaviour (Hill, 1995; Pejovich, 1999; Veciana et al, 2002; Nkya, 2003; Tabellini, 2005; Fogel et al, 2006).
Previous studies have shown that the institutional (that is, political, social and economic) framework significantly affects the chances of success of MSMEs (Amin and Thrift, 1995; Nkya, 2003; Aidis, 2005).
While still a high share by African and indeed international standards at 25%, the executive director of the Tanzania Media Women's Association, Ananilea Nkya, commented: "I'm not happy, because the gains women have made in the political arena are now falling behind.
The authors collectively would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals: Rita Akena (Postal Bank of Tanzania), for opening up her extensive network of contacts, thus enabling the authors to meet and interview so many hardworking attorneys and activists in Tanzania; Charles Majinge (University of Dares Salaam Legal Aid Clinic), Ananilea Nkya and Betty Kinyenje (Tanzania Media Women's Association), Dr.