NKZNo Kill Zone (gaming)
NKZNeue Kronen Zeitung
NKZNewKiteZone (Kitesurf School & Test Center)
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Authors contributed to the publication of this article as follows: study concept and design (AMS, NKZ, FK, and MA); analysis and interpretation of data (AMS, NKZ, and FK); drafting of manuscript (AMS and NKZ); critical revision of the manuscript (AMS, NKZ, FK, and MA).
Nishida himself developed his ideas on the logic of place mainly in two books: Basho (Place, 1927) and Bashoteki ronri to shukyoteki sekaikan (Logic of Place and Religious Worldview, 1945) reprinted respectively in vols W and XI of his complete works: Nishida Kitaro Zenshu, Tokyo, Iwanami Shoten, 1966 (from here on, NKZ).