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NL1Nasal Cavity Level 1
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We excluded 18 parameters (IH, TL1, ST1, I, N, IT1, IN, IN1, IN2, NL, NL1, NL2, NU, NU1, NU2, SN, SN1, and SN2) in the high-myopic group and 13 parameters (IN, IN1, IN2, NL, NL1, NL2, NU, NU1, NU2, SN, SN1, SN2, and N) in the moderate-myopic group according to logistic regression results [Table 3].
In line with these observations, perforant path stimulation and field potential recordings of granule cells in vivo in urethane-anesthetized NL1 KO mice revealed strongly reduced synaptic responses upon the activation of glutamatergic perforant path granule cell inputs (Figure 2).
The hearing aids (Phonak Audeo V50) were fitted with the same NAL NL1 prescription formula as used for the initial hearing aid (Oticon hearing aid Zest BTE digital instruments, Oticon A/S, Smorum, Denmark).
The D1/D2 domain of the 26S rRNA gene was amplified using the primers NL1 (5'- GCATATCAATAAGCGGAGGAAAAG-3') and NL4 (5'- GGTCCGTGTTTCAAGACGG-3') according to the method described by Kurtzman and Robnett (1998).
The nuclear translocation signals responsible for nuclear transport and retention of activated GR are NL1 and NL2, where NL1 is similar in sequence to Simian virus 40 and the NL2 of GR is poorly defined [55, 56].
As stated by NL1, "the application of data and services provided by the SDI is still limited.
"One of the highest yielding varieties in NL1 trials, it's of medium height and has an earlier than average maturity.
Para la amplificacion del dominio D1/D2 se usaron los primers NL1 (5' GCATATCAATAAGCGGAGGAAAAG-3') y NL4 (5'-GGTCCGTGTTTCAAGACGG-3').
Ease of use, range of features and a bright display running on a solid CTL 2Go NL1 tablet PC made this product rise to the top.