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NL3National League 3
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For [[mu].sub.B] = 0 MeV, we show [K.sup.+]/[[pi].sup.+] for hadronic matter with coupled baryons and bosons for two parameter sets TM1 and NL3 with kaonic potentials UK[S] and UK[W], respectively.
For the NL3 and NL4 genes, point mutations, truncations, and sequence deletions in their coding regions are associated with both ASD and mental retardation [117-119].
Also for stakeholders in the Netherlands it was difficult to give up competences and autonomy on information supply [NL1 and NL3).
However, Thunder will still hand debuts to seven new faces and will be expected to win comfortably against a side that has finished second bottom in their first two NL3 campaigns.
Social Isolation Potentiates Social Behavior in Both NL3 and WT Mice.
(213) Cho, above nl3 at 784; see also Barfield, above nl6 at 113.
Sample codes and water repellency levels of samples before extraction Water Droplet Penetration Time classes (WDPT's) and associated repellency ratings are detailed in the Materials and methods Sample Sampled depth WDPT class Repellency code (m) (dried at 20[degrees]C) rating NL1 0-0.10 180 Strong NL2 0.10-0.20 3600 Severe NL3 0.20-0.30 18 000 Extreme NLC 0.30-0.40 <5 Non-repellent Sample WDPT class (s) Repellency code (dried at rating 105[degrees]C) NL1 18 000 Extreme NL2 18 000 Extreme NL3 3600 Severe NLC <5 Non-repellent Table 2.
(22) Fireman, above nl3 at [171]; Pope and Talbot, above n14 at [96]; SD Myers (2001) 40 ILM 1408 at 1440.
Rovers, one of three teams with a 100pc record in National League One, were too strong for their NL3 opponents in their play-off at Craven Park, running in 11 tries.
Moreover, they were also evaluated for BCM with the NL3 necrosis inducing strain (Drijfhout, 1978) in the greenhouse at CIAT-Palmira and for ALS and CBB in the field at CIAT-Quilichao.
Storm will compete in their second NL3 campaign beginning on April 2 and the club will also now be represented in the Rugby League Conference, North East division.
Rugby League: Gateshead Storm travel to Basildon tomorrow for their second LHF Healthplan NL3 game against fellow newcomers Essex Eels.