NLADANational Legal Aid & Defender Association
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For the work of the NLADA and the NAPD, see infra notes 12-13 and accompanying text.
4 (1995) [hereinafter NLADA Guidelines], available at
Hartman, former National Director of Defender Services for NLADA who originally proposed the idea that defender offices should be accredited the same as police departments and departments of correction.
193) The coalition in Montana worked with NLADA to focus on what types of messages made the public understand the importance of indigent defense, (194) resulting in a focus on the economic efficiency of statewide legislation.
the conference NACDL and NLADA created five working groups to make the
This action follows a similar dismissal with prejudice of the 10-year litigation aimed at dismantling the Texas Interest on Lawyers' Trust Account program in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals last November, according to NLADA.
Regardless of whether the study was conducted by NLADA, a
Several years later, The Other Face of Justice was followed up by Indigent Defense Systems Analysis, (19) also by NLADA.
89) See Gary Bellow, Turning Solutions into Problems: The Legal Aid Experience, 34 NLADA BRIEFCASE 106, 118-19 (1977).