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NLAINew Life Advance International (interdenominational faith mission)
NLAINational Leather Association International
NLAINational Liberation Army of Iran
NLAINational Library & Archives of Iran
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Because of uncertainty about exact number of NLAI users, 150 questionnaires were distributed randomly among users in several steps.
Results about NLAI users' approaches and using rate of their mobile phones showed: roughly 100% of respondents primarily use their phones to make calls and send text messages routinely.
Mobile Internet Using rate by NLAI Users' via web browsing mobile phones showed that 49% of respondent (figure1) used their phones to check and explore: e-mail, chat, web logs and news, scientific, entertainment, social networks and downloading websites (see figure2).
Results showed that current awareness of book overdue (salons, or in NLAI public library) by 76% and providing audio tours of the library with 33% owned the lowest interest.
This can be a great serving opportunity for NLAI to use mobile phone.
Since 12 October 2011 NLAI lunched a mobile based client software on Android platform to search and access bibliographical information.
According to the derived results about the user's trends in using of mobile facilities, it's necessary that all Iranian libraries and NLAI as leader of them use unique mobile phone facilities to represent library services in new era.
c) Development and implementation: Development of a Web resources archive not only requires technical and telecommunication facilities in the NLAI but also needs a connection with broad bandwidth and without filtering; and hence, this project is not feasible without the cooperation of Zirsakht Company.
The study is also of the opinion that it is necessary to incorporate a permanent committee for investigation and customization of metadata standards in the NLAI.
Considering the exertion of filtering by Iran Telecommunications Company, a proprietary internet line without filtering should be allocated to the NLAI.
The archive's backup copy should be kept in a place other than the NLAI in order to maintain the security.
It should be noted that, in order to develop collections of digital resources, Digital Library Project was implemented in NLAI in 2008, in the trial phase of which a selected collection of digital but non-Web resources were made available to the public via the NLAI's Web site.