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* The role and participation of both faculty members and employees of NLAI, and inter-intra-organizational researchers in the conduct of research projects as well as the extent of their effectiveness;
In accordance with the missions and duties, the National Library and Archives of the Islamic republic of Iran (henceforth NLAI) is charged with the responsibility of playing a model and authoritative role in information discovery, collection, organization, preserving, and dissemination of national intellectual productions, in a way that the reading culture is promoted and access to resources is facilitated for today's and future generations (Statute law of the National Library of Iran, 1990).
Considering the progressive evolution in NLAI from a traditional library and information center to a digital network-based one, the following points give grounds for the need to conduct research in this area:
The present study being part of NLAI research strategy development project, aims at investigating and determining the relevant research areas and priorities for the adequate, concentrated, and systematic distribution of resources in conducting research.
How are the NLAI users' approach to using rate of soft/hardware facilities of mobile phones?
What's the view of NLAI users about the mobile phone disturbance in library?
What's the acceptance level of mobile library services among NLAI users?
According to data obtained from questionnaire which services have capability to serve in NLAI?
Telecommunication infrastructure of the NLAI is optical fibers between the building of the library and the relevant telecommunications center.
Considering the whole findings in this regard, development of Iran Web archive in the NLAI is feasible because:
Considering the objectives and responsibilities of the NLAI in the national level, it is appropriate, as far as possible, not to omit any Web resources that, from content viewpoint, can be included in the framework of these objectives and responsibilities.
b) Research: in addition to all governmental and non-governmental scientific and research institutes and bodies, which may intend to accept the projects proposed by the NLAI in this regard or support some studies on their own in this field; the present study proposes the use of technical and scientific ability of the Research Institute for ICT (ITRC), especially the Information Technology faculty of this institute (thanks to its special position in Ministry of ICT) for qualitatively supervising and executing the research projects in this field.