NLAWNext Generation Light Anti Armour Weapon
NLAWNational Landscape Architecture Week (American Society of Landscape Architects)
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aeAEThese discussions have led to a plan to demonstrate NLAW in May or June.
The NLAW is designed to be carried and fired by just one soldier, like the weapon it will replace, the LAW80.
A longer-range system (20 to 600 metres) is the 12.5-kg Nlaw now in service with four countries, deliveries to Finland and Luxembourg have been completed, while those for the British Army and the Swedish Armed Forces are still underway.
The SEK200m order covers additional deliveries of its new Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon (NLAW).
Its product portfolio includes RBS 70, RBS 70 NG, NLAW and RBS15 missile systems.
The contract covers the supply of Saab's new anti-tank weapon NLAW (Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon).
For example, NDI companies are involved in the Javelin and NLAW missile programmes; we are working closely with the MOD and Aircraft Carrier Alliance on how to engage our design, fabrication and engineering capability in the building of two new aircraft carriers - an immense project continuing until at least 2015.