NLBCTNational Literary Braille Competency Test
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A two-person team of content experts is used to score NLBCT. The evaluators score each examination independently, and their scores are then correlated.
During the administration of NLBCT, steps are taken to ensure that lighting, temperature, and other testing conditions are comfortable for the participants.
Thus, this time frame will remain the same for future administrations of NLBCT.
Individuals who take NLBCT receive a letter from NBPCB stating the results of the examination and, if they passed the entire examination, one original NCLB certificate.
This section of the web page contains information on the background of NLBCT, on how to prepare for NLBCT, on the application process, and on the locations where the examination will be offered, as well as a complete set of guidelines and policies governing NCLB certification.
During the redevelopment of NLBCT under the leadership of NFB and HumRRO, three versions of the examination were created.
Data have been, and will continue to be, collected during each administration of NLBCT on the amount of time needed to complete each section, scores for each candidate, and demographic information.
In addition, a survey that is being designed will be mailed to past candidates of the examination, both those who passed NLBCT and those who did not.
This article has provided a short history of the development of NLBCT, the testing and research mishaps that plagued it during its formative years, the rebirth and pilot testing conducted by NFB, and the eventual evolution of NLBCT into NCLB.
Data have continued to be collected and analyzed after each administration to ensure that NLBCT remains reliable and is being administered correctly.
Although the field of visual impairment and blindness has called for a valid test of teachers' competence in literary braille for many years, the conception, development, and refinement of NLBCT has been a long and arduous process.
The purpose of NLBCT is to discriminate between individuals who are proficient in the literary code and those who are not.