NLCBNational Lottery Charities Board (UK)
NLCBNational Lotteries Control Board (est. 1968; Trinidad and Tobago)
NLCBNewfoundland and Labrador Child Benefit (tax credit; Canada)
NLCBNewfoundland and Labrador Chiropractic Board (Canada)
NLCBNevada Legislative Counsel Bureau
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As previously stated by McCree (2009), the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) and its entire suite of gambling games have become a cash cow for the government.
An examination of the Public Accounts during the 2010-2015 period further proves that the NLCB continues to be profitable for the government, despite some challenges.
As with the old NLCB, you have to fill in largely irrelevant forms, where you have to predict the exact racial breakdown of everyone who will be benefiting from your project in three years' time, and come up with a believable untruth about how sustainable the project is--if it needs to apply for Lottery funding, it probably isn't.
"The last few weeks have seen major funding allocations awarded to the Nuneaton area and this will ensure that everyone in Nuneaton will reap the benefits of both government and NLCB funding."
The NLCB said they deserved funding because of the dire state of the farming industry, which has been devastated by the BSE crisis, the strength of the pound and even bad weather, which has wiped out crops in recent years.
The NLCB threatened legal action but is unlikely to ever recover the money.
The NLCB insisted it knew of his involvement with the Kinkizi Development Fund.
Though an extremely controversial law, much contested in legislative, administrative, and even electoral venues for the past several years, No Child Left Behind (NLCB) has not generated a large volume of litigation.
The proposal resulted in Congressional spending that is more than $7 billion short of the amount promised to local education agencies to meet the standards of NLCB.
GTECH has been the online lottery supplier to the NLCB since 1994.
However, his office yesterday refused to condemn the Stonewall award, insisting it was up to the NLCB alone to distribute charity cash.
Tom Loveless pens a provocative piece on the politics of the federal law, finding support for NLCB strongest among minorities and the middle class.