NLCDNational Land Cover Data
NLCDNewfoundland and Labrador College of Dietitians (Canada)
NLCDNational Liberation Council Decree (Ghana)
NLCDNorthern Lights Council of Dancers, Inc. (Fairbanks, AK)
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Color shading denotes lumped National Land Cover Database (NLCD; Homer et al.
In our view, the termination of the appointment by the President and not the Minister of Trade and Industry, was irregular and improper, since the termination was contrary to section 3(2) of the Ghana Export Promotion Council Act, 1969 (NLCD 396) as quoted above.
The NLCD layer for each site was clipped to and unioned with each home and core range polygon that fell within its boundary to measure the proportional availability of land cover types in ArcMap.
The area is calculated by multiplying the total number of cells, or pixels, from the clipped land use raster by the area of each cell, which for the NLCD is 30 by 30 meters.
To determine the vegetation class for each scrub-jay detection, we overlaid detection points on top of the NLCD raster file and noted the number of detections that fell within juniper-oak woodland and shrub-scrub plains classification.
A state-level comparative analysis of the Gap and NLCD land-cover data sets.
This article uses Poisson generalized linear models (GLMs) to establish statistical associations between building-related attributes commonly found in parcel data and variables derived from the NLCD for Boulder County, CO.
Geologic Survey (USGS) National Land Cover Database (NLCD) product (Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium 2013), we performed half-mile smoothing of every pixel and classified SI by decile.
Urban cover is quantified using the delineation of urban areas made by the US Geological Survey in 2001 and impervious surface data from the 2001 National Land Cover Database (NLCD), with developed land defined as land where impervious surfaces account for 20 percent or more of the land cover based on multispectral remote sensing imagery.
Figure 2 shows residence locations of EVEV-seropositive dogs overlaid on Florida National Land Cover Data (NLCD) types.
National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) data, derived from satellite imagery, provided 1992 vintage LULC data (U.S.