NLCPNetwork Layer Control Protocol
NLCPNational Laboratory Certification Program (US DHHS)
NLCPNational Lung Cancer Partnership (Madison, WI)
NLCPNational Lake Conservation Plan (India)
NLCPNurse Life Care Planner (job title)
NLCPNew Life Pharmaceutical Corp.
NLCPNavy Logistics Capability Plan
NLCPNortheast Life Care Planning (Maine)
NLCPNavigation Light Control Panel
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Information on the NLCP is also available on the SAMHSA website or from the NLCP contractor, RTI International, by E-mail ( or phone (919 541-7242).
Although focused on developing the participants' leadership skills, the NLCP aims to drive public-private engagement through studying the national economy and the key drivers to attract foreign direct investment.
NLCP is a first-of-its-kind initiative designed to significantly build the capabilities of public sector leaders that will enable them to transform public administration and services to improve the competitiveness of Oman on the world stage.
The NLCP program team will provide all relevant information
The NLCP's manual on leprosy control provided the following information on setting up of SCGs: "The volunteers, guided by the local health staff and the district supervisor, will help in organizing self-care groups.
Part of the explanation for the increase at the national level could be increased case detection activities conducted by the NLCP, particularly in some high-endemic and/or remote and difficult to reach areas.
Analysis of the sampling group Sampling group HLCP NLCP NSCP Total % Government 3 22 14 39 17.6 employee Project owner 14 16 2 32 14.5 Design firm 4 39 20 63 28.5 Construction firm 29 48 10 87 39.4 Total 50 125 46 221 100.00 Note: HLCP stands for hi-tech large construction projects; NLCP stands for non-hi-tech large construction projects; NSCP stands for non-hi-tech small construction projects Table 4.
As NLCP's successes became apparent in the mid-1990s, powerful government officials and others capitalizing on poaching saw their profits dwindle with the slowdown in the illicit ivory and meat trade.
The NLCP consists of two components: a proficiency testing program and onsite inspections.
The announcement came during an award ceremony at Al Wahat Club in Azaiba, which recognised the outstanding participants from the National Leadership and Competitiveness Programme (NLCP) for the government sector.
The Diwan of Royal Court launched the first session for the Undersecretaries' Stream of the National Leadership and Competitiveness Programme (NLCP), at the Al Wahat Club, with the participation of a number of Undersecretaries in ministries and other government entities involved in enhancing Oman's business environment.