NLDFNational Language Dependent Function
NLDFNational Lottery Distribution Fund (Department for Culture, Media and Sport; UK)
NLDFNaval Local Defense Forces (US Navy)
NLDFNew Life Deaf Fellowship (Fort Worth, TX)
NLDFNerve Laser Doppler Flow
NLDFNon-Local Density Functional
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The study evaluated the impact of the NLDF grants on employment in three areas: construction and related professions, new complexes and revenue projects.
NLDF grants, together with matching funding, will generate approximately 30,305 jobs by the year 2000.
The full impact of the NLDF awards for funding new complexes, for example, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and the redevelopment of Portsmouth harbour, will be felt from 1998 onwards when approximately 9,570 new jobs will have been created, rising to approximately 24,115 by 2000.