NLDONational Long Distance Operator (telecommunications)
NLDONaso-Lacrimal Duct Obstruction
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Improper massage was the major reason for the failure of treatment for NLDO. Patients were advised to continue massage as a routine for 1 year even after recovery from NLDO.
Congenital NLDO was the most common cause of paediatric epiphora seen in 92% (154/167).
(12) reported a 5-year-old patient who underwent surgery after repeated probing and balloon dacryoplasty to treat congenital NLDO did not improve symptoms; canaliculitis was diagnosed during the surgery and curettage was performed.
Alshifa Trust Eye Hospital, Rawalpindi, 65 eyes of 59 children, aged 12 to 48 months with congenital NLDO and no prior Nasolacrimal duct surgery were enrolled.
These cases suggest that ectopic eruption of teeth should be added to the differential diagnosis of NLDO. Surgical removal of the ectopic teeth compressing the nasolacrimal duct re-sults in resolution of the lacrimal drainage obstruction.
With improved quality of life, prevention and treatment of lacrimal passage obstruction has emerged as a key focus of current research efforts in the field of basic and clinical ophthalmology, and this is particularly evident for in the context of NLDO.
Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is the standard treatment for NLDO. Other techniques include intubation, stent insertion and balloon dilatation.
In all patients compression over the lacrimal sac to look for tenderness and regurgitation on digital pressure (ROPLAS) and probe test for ROPLAS negative cases to evaluate for hard and soft stop assessed to diagnose NLDO. A detailed slit lamp examination along with complete nasal examination to rule out nasal pathology was done.
According to the site and level of obstruction, NLDO can be further classified into.
Exclusion Criteria: All patients diagnosed with chronic dacryocystitis with NLDO With fistula or who had abscess before.
SELECTION CRITERIA FOR CASES WITH NLDO INCLUSION EXCLUSION * All symptomatic cases of * Previous DCR to same eye.