NLEAPNitrate Leaching and Economic Analysis Package
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In the first prototype of the NTT (known as the Nitrogen Trading Tool) using NLEAP, we collaborated with Dr.
In addition to NLEAP and the Nitrogen Index, Delgado has helped develop a tool designed for fledgling "environmental trading" credit programs that reward growers for reducing nitrogen losses.
Farmers can use NLEAP to decide if they should change management practices such as the timing and amount of nitrogen they apply, their method of tillage, irrigation, crop rotations, and whether to use livestock manure for crop nutrients," says Marvin J.
0 tool is connected to the Microsoft Windows[c] version of the NLEAP model (including the revised simulation model being developed) in a Windows Excel[c] environment.
NLEAP stands for Nitrate Leaching and Economic Analysis Package.
NLEAP simulation of residual soil nitrate for irrigated and non-irrigated corn.
Some of these models are NLEAP, LEACHM, CERES, EPIC, NTRM, RZWQM, and GPFARM.
Model examples include the N leaching index (LI) described by Williams and Kissel (1991) and included as an option in NLEAP (Shaffer et al.
Information on the soil-crop-hydrologic cycle for an area of the country can be obtained by performing simulations with N models, such as NLEAP (see examples below), or by consultation with local Extension or Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) personnel.
One new computer software package is the NLEAP model (Schaffer et al.