NLECNational Law Enforcement Challenge (law enforcement agency competition)
NLECNo Longer Enemy Combatant (US DoD and US State Department)
NLECNational Lipid Education Council (now Known As Committee on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease)
NLECNational Local Exchange Carrier (XO Communications, Inc.)
NLECNational Law Enforcement Center
NLECNational Leprosy Elimination Campaign (Bangladesh)
NLECNet Locomotive Energy Cost (medical equipment)
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Moreover, the NLEC is embarking on a major thrust into the noncommercial FM field.
Also not surprisingly, NLEC's stations are called "The Here's Help Network."
On Thanksgiving, for instance, instead of parades and football games, Channel 24 broadcast live - for three hours - its annual dinner at NLEC headquarters in downtown St.
In return for advertisements, the NLEC receives free courses for its constituencies.
The NLEC points to a number of success stories, including:
* James Wilson showed up at NLEC's headquarters on a broken-down bicycle, having traveled to St.
Prior to each speech, NLEC members meet with the guest speaker informally, which encourages communication and allows council members to understand better the issues facing today's national law enforcement leaders.
Perhaps just as valuable is the networking that occurs between NLEC members.
Although the NLEC does not lobby Congress directly, individual members do.
NLEC members have met with congressional sponsors of crime bills to offer suggestions and to express their opinions on areas of particular concern.
However, Federal legislation represents merely one concern of the NLEC. Council meetings also serve as a forum for discussing legislation that directly impacts State and local law enforcement officers.
* All of the Naval War College's programs and many of the NLEC curricula focus on reinforcing the set of Desired Leader Attributes established by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, U.S.