NLEOMFNational Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
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The check was presented to Craig Floyd, chairman and CEO of NLEOMF, by the IJIS Institute's chairman of the Board of Directors and the executive director, Mike Davis and Steve Ambrosini.
Glock will be prominently featured in the new museum, both for their partnership and for their place in law enforcement history," said Craig Floyd, NLEOMF chairman and CEO.
The average gift to the NLEOMF ranges from $15 to $20, said Wood.
Wood said NLEOMF is expecting to roll out a museum-specific monthly giving program shortly.
NLEOMF also is testing its standard control request of $8 per month to support the memorial using only credit cards or EFT against the same offer with the option of monthly statements.
To curb this distressing trend, NLEOMF launched Drive Safely, which educates the public about safer driving habits to help keep officers safe on the road.
Consistent with the NLEOMF mission, this program seeks "to generate increased public support for the law enforcement profession by permanently recording and appropriately commemorating the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers.
In May 2002, NLEOMF honored correctional officer Glen M.
As of Tuesday, the NLEOMF reported 134 police officers had died so far in 2016 from a variety of incidents ranging from traffic accidents, fatal falls, plane crashes and health-related causes.