NLEPNational Leprosy Eradication Programme (New Delhi, India)
NLEPNational Laboratory for Enteric Pathogens (Canada)
NLEPNambucca Local Environmental Plan (est. 1995; New South Wales, Australia)
NLEPNorthern Lights Energy Program (Michigan Public Service Commission)
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The NLEP that was evaluated in this study was designed and taught by a registered dietitian (RD) and had been in existence for 3 years.
To assess knowledge, we had initially planned to use a 10-item multiple choice questionnaire developed for a previous study, but due to respondent burden only the 2 items most relevant to the NLEP objectives were retained: one pertaining to what a serving size represents on the Nutrition Facts table and the other pertaining to the definition of percent daily value.
The presurvey was administered immediately prior to the beginning of the NLEP and the postsurvey after the grocery store tour.
In 1974 they became involved in supporting the leprosarium in Taiz until 1992 when the German Leprosy organization took over supporting NLEP.
Isolates submitted to the NLEP were routinely cultured on Mueller-Hinton agar (Oxoid Ltd.
The isolates tested by PFGE were the first human and animal isolates to be sent to the NLEP, and testing continued until type characteristics of outbreak strains were identified and the epidemiologic designations of patients involved in the outbreak were confirmed microbiologically.
leprae drug resistance in a cohort of newly diagnosed leprosy cases during 2011-2014, under the NLEP in parts of Andhra Pradesh (currently Telangana) and Odisha states of India; the two adjoining states are part of high leprosy prevalent area in southern and eastern part of India respectively.
The prominent increased risk of 18% in new cases detected during 2013 may be attributable to the NLEP strategy of carrying out extensive house to house surveys for new case detection in 2012-13, capacity building of staff, awareness drives, enhanced monitoring and supervision, and treatment of identified new cases with Multidrug Therapy (MDT) to cut down the transmission potential in 2013-2014, (18) obviously the outcome being a reduction in risk of 9% in 2014.
Moreover the NLEP conducts extensive leprosy drives twice every year in endemic blocks and cases are treated with MDT.
She mentioned that following house to house survey using inverse sampling methodology, the ANCDR was higher than the presently available NLEP figure.
With reference to NLEP programme in the post eradication era, a few aspects of public health planning, lacunae with health education, IEC, BCC programmes were highlighted.
Both drugs were used in accordance with NLEP guidelines and were tapered down to 15 mgs/day, over a period of about 4 months.