NLETNational Laboratory for Education Transformation
NLETNational Laboratory for Environmental Testing (standards agency for Canada)
NLETNational Law Enforcement Telecom (US system for tracking criminals)
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This successful audit led to Intellicheck's building and installing the Law ID backbone at the Nlets Network Operations Center (NOC) in Phoenix, Arizona.
Nlets has been the primary mechanism for interstate law enforcement data exchange for 50 years.
Nlets is the premiere interstate justice and public safety network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement-, criminal justice-, and public safety-related information.
Look-ups are routed to Connecticut's motor vehicle system, COLLECT, to search state, Federal NCIC and National NLETS databases.
Nlets Executive Director Steve Correll commented, Intellicheck's successful completion of this meticulous process demonstrates their commitment to the law enforcement community and their partnership with Nlets.