NLFANouvelle Ligne Ferroviaire à Travers les Alpes (French: New Railway Lines under the Alps)
NLFANational Lamb Feeders Association
NLFANewfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture (Canada)
NLFANational Listing of Fish Advisories (EPA database includes all available information describing state-, tribal-, and federally-issued fish consumption advisories)
NLFANeutral Lipid Fatty Acid (biomedicine)
NLFANewfoundland and Labrador Fencing Association
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The NLFA Team Members are Chotisuh Sazo, Speaker, Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) and Convener, NLFA, Er Levi Rengma, Deputy Speaker, NLA, Mmholumo Kikon, MLA, Ameba Yaden, MLA, Toyang Chang, MLA and Khekaho Assumi, MLA and also Dr Vinito Chishi, State Consultant on NLFA and Miss Hukatoli, an Official of the NLFA.
Dr Vinito Chishi, State Consultant on NLFA, while talking to NEPS here at the Dimapur Airport, expressed the hope that attending such International Congress on AIDS by their legislators at Bangkok would immensely give fruitful education to "our legislators."
However, most of the monitoring data available in the NLFA database from the three states date to the 1990s; thus, the data may not reflect contemporary contaminant concentrations in fish from these waters of the River.
That is, states bordering the Mississippi River generally appear to follow EPA guidance for contaminant trigger levels and advice categories to develop their species-specific advisories (this is, however, difficult to confirm as some states do not explicitly indicate how advisories are developed on their web sites, nor is this information available in the NLFA).
EPA NLFA, available at: fishadvisories (accessed 27 September 2012).
Among those already signed up to the NLFA are England striker Kelly Smith, currently making waves in the women's professional ranks in the States, and Holdsworth's twin brother David, manager of Conference club Mansfield.
"And being chairman of the PFA made me realise how many players rely on the game's benefit system, which was my inspiration for setting up the NLFA. In the two months since we went on-stream, we have already picked up more than 1,000 members and we are well on the way to our second thousand.
And the NLFA's player directory may even condemn a few agents to a lean summer (no complaints there).
Foran and Jia's analysis of the NLFA is an excellent example of intergovernmental collaboration, where each level depends upon the execution of specific roles and functions by the other in order for policy implementation to be successful.
Foran and Jia's research of the NLFA database and links between various monitoring agencies provides additional evidence of how a policy issue is managed and administered under the umbrella of IGR.