NLFEANon-Linear Finite Element Analyses
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In addition, the sophisticated FEM software VecTor2, which implements the well-known MCFT, has been used to perform different NLFEAs. Numerical results have been reported and discussed, showing the ability of the theoretical model adopted to provide a response of the beam analyzed subjected to transversal load in agreement with the values obtained by the sectional method.
Furthermore, interesting information has been provided by the NLFEAs about the crack pattern and stress fields of structural member considered at each stage of load, predicting a large ductile branch at failure as expected in design phase.
The NLFEA of the columns have been performed by employing the D-P yield criterion for concrete.
From the NLFEA results (Table 2) it appears that the development of a new equation for the concrete cohesion of D-P yield criterion requires the use of the three significant variables: a/d, [f.sub.c] and N/[N.sub.0].
The value of the concrete cohesion of D-P yield criterion was computed by NLFEA and the exponents b1, b2, and b3, and the coefficient k in Eq.
The results of NLFEA for the columns NC-4, C5L1, 4S1, where a/d = 3, 5.23 and 5.50, respectively, indicate that concrete cohesion increases sharply with a/d.
The results of NLFEA for N/[N.sub.0] = 0.098 ~ 0.278 indicate that the concrete cohesion increases slightly with N/[N.sub.0], as shown in Fig.
A regression analysis has been undertaken to identify the influence of [f.sub.c] on the concrete cohesion using the results of NLFEA. The effect of [f.sub.c] on the concrete cohesion is illustrated in Fig.
(14) captures the effect of a/d, N/[N.sub.0] and [f.sub.c] on the NLFEA results.
The NLFEA results of columns are discussed as follows.
(14) with the values obtained by NLFEA. It can be observed that the values obtained from the proposed Eq.
Therefore, NLFEA point out that there is no effect of stirrup nominal strength ([p.sub.w][f.sub.yw]) on the accuracy of estimations of the proposed Eq.