NLFSNational Labor Force Survey (various locations)
NLFSNo Longer for Sale (classified advertisements and online businesses)
NLFSNew Life Family Services (Minnesota; pro-life pregnancy services)
NLFSNepal Labour Force Survey
NLFSNorth London Forensic Service (UK)
NLFSNight Low Flying System
NLFSNorth London Flying School (est. 1993; UK)
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For business inquiries or direct advertisers please contact NLFS via email at
"Insurance agents can have the reputations of car salesmen, but these producer branding pages show the human side of the agency," one of Nlfs judges commented.
"Based on the 2008 NLFS employment figure, Namibia's output per worker (labour productivity) exceeds all country blocks, such as Asia, North Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa and the World combined." Now doesn't that give one hope for the future.
I was chatting with John from NLFS about it one day and said right, I am going to do it and then thought hmmm, Children In Need in November, let's do it for then.