NLGANational Lieutenant Governors Association
NLGANational Lumber Grades Authority (Canada)
NLGANorthern Lights Greyhound Adoption (Minnesota)
NLGANational Local Government Association
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"Tim will surely bring all the thoughtfulness and effectiveness to the NLGA's national agenda that he does every day to our work here in Massachusetts," Mr.
The NLGA Select Structural grade allows for some insect holes.
The timber was graded by a senior grading supervisor from the Canadian Mill Services Association based on the NLGA Standard Grading Rules.
Visual grading rules for lumber also provide allowances for centerline knots (NLGA 2003).
Each piece of lumber was graded before and after lumber drying according to the rules of National Lumber Grading Authority (NLGA 1996) by a qualified grader from the Quebec Lumber Manufacturers' Association (QLMA), and reasons for downgrade were recorded.
1998); and Middleton and Munro (2001) concerning western hemlock for both the NLGA rules and the Japanese Agricultural Standard for Structural Lumber (Anon.
Lumber was graded based on the National Lumber Grades Authority green lumber visual grading rules (NLGA 1996).
The usability of such new adhesives are not well-known in Canada's industry because until recently the production of structural lumber jointed according to SPS-1 (NLGA 2002a) was limited to the RF and PRF adhesives (CSA 1977).