NLGINational Lubrication Grease Institute
NLGINational Life and General Insurance (Nepal)
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Accepted February 02, 2012 Table The penetration number of tested materials (according to ASTM D 217-97) Tested materials RO + MG RO + MG 20% RO + MG 20% 20% + OA2% + SA 2% NLGI class 00 0 0 Penetration at 400-430 355-385 355-385 25[degrees]C Tested materials L L + MG 10% L + MG 20% NLGI class 1 2 4 Penetration at 310-340 265-295 175-205 25[degrees]C Tested materials L + MG 20% L + MG 20% Reference + OA 2% + SA 2% NLGI class 2 2 3 Penetration at 265-295 265-295 220-250 25[degrees]C
The agency continues to be concerned about NLGI's weak financial position and its reliance on support from the retailing subsidiary of the group, Noel Leeming Group Ltd (NLG), the agency explained.
Odourless, tasteless and compatible with many plastics and elastomers, Molykote G-0050FG, G-0051FG, and G-0052FG come in NLGI consistency classes of 0, 1 and 2, respectively.
Products include: Food Grade H-1 Punch Lubricant, Food Grade H-1 Grease NLGI #2, Food Grade Gear Oil SAE 90/ISO 220, Food Grade Hydraulic Oil, Worm Drive Lubricant, and Non-Food Grade Degreaser/Cleaner.
It features Nye's Rheolube 362HB grease, which is an NLGI Grade 2 grease.
The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) assigns grades to grease based on their consistency at +25 [degrees] C.
This NLGI grade 3 lubrication solution has increased anti-corrosion and anti-friction capabilities fit for applications such as truck wheel hubs or high-powered electric motors.
SKF's modular MonoFlex lubrication system is ideal for use with oil, semi-fluid grease and hard grease NLGI grades 000--2 and is suitable for a variety of components in wind turbines, including the main, generator, yaw and blade bearings, as well as yaw and blade gearings.
For example, a major fruit-juice and beverage producer is using a multi-point lubricator to supply standard NLGI 2 grease to 16 points on a wet-section conveyor line.