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The recommended high-viscosity grease was applied via the screen's auto lube system, with good results: The NLGI 1 grade provided the correct slumping performance, and the heavy base oil of the grease provided the required lubrication.
Table The penetration number of tested materials (according to ASTM D 217-97) Tested materials RO + MG RO + MG 20% RO + MG 20% 20% + OA2% + SA 2% NLGI class 00 0 0 Penetration at 400-430 355-385 355-385 25[degrees]C Tested materials L L + MG 10% L + MG 20% NLGI class 1 2 4 Penetration at 310-340 265-295 175-205 25[degrees]C Tested materials L + MG 20% L + MG 20% Reference + OA 2% + SA 2% NLGI class 2 2 3 Penetration at 265-295 265-295 220-250 25[degrees]C
The rating is unlikely to see an upward revision as NLGI is in run-off.
The ALS available today have been designed to deliver NLGI grades of grease including 000, 00, 0, 1, and 2.
For example, a major fruit-juice and beverage producer is using a multi-point lubricator to supply standard NLGI 2 grease to 16 points on a wet-section conveyor line.
In selecting a grease, make sure that it meets or exceeds the NLGI Grade 2 E.
This efficiency testing was conducted twice: once with the gearbox lubricated with a grease of NLGI Grade 2 (a moderately soft grease with the approximate consistency of peanut butter) and again with a grease of NLGI Grade 00 (a semi-fluid grease with the consistency of applesauce).
Odorless, tasteless and compatible with many plastics and elastomers, the greases come in NLGI consistency classes of 0, 1 and 2.
Units are available filled with a general purpose food grade lubricant as a stock item, or can be custom filled with lubricants in NLGI classes 0, 1 or 2.
In another instance, a sugar processing facility was utilizing a mineral oil-based ISO 220 gear beating oil and NLGI 2 grease on its rotary blower, operating at temperatures ranging from 210 to 285 degrees Celsius.