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NLGNNew Local Government Network
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(1.) See Get Well Soon: Reimagining Place-based Health: The Pace-based Health Commission Report, NLGN and Collaborate 2016.
With traditional forms of investment, like the FTSE 100, delivering poor returns over recent years, the NLGN said that building projects could deliver stable and long-term investment opportunities for the estimated pounds 97bn in the pension fund, as well as supporting job creation and the local economy.
NLGN director Chris Leslie said: "It is well documented that allotments can help to keep people fit, encourage healthy eating, reduce carbon footprints and save money on food bills, so it's a tragedy that over 100,000 people are waiting to be provided with a plot of land.
The NLGN also wants to see brownfield sites converted to allotments.
This report from NLGN has done a good service in raising this issue.
12.00 NLGN & May, Gurney Crown Plaza (Central Sq) Meeting Room 3: 21st Century Joseph Chamberlain.
They could be financed via local authority pension funds (who have expressed an interest in such an institution: NLGN, 2009) and via a new round of Quantitative Easing (2).
Candidates should be chosen using a US-style primaries system to allow people who are not members of any political party to stand, the New Local Government Network (NLGN) think-tank said.
ARECENT report from the New Local Government Network (NLGN) is at the same time both illuminating and thoughtprovoking.
The New Local Government Network (NLGN) said the progress it had achieved risked being undermined unless the scope of the work was broadened.
The survey, the basis for the distribution of cash for health and local authority services, also tends to under-estimate the true size of the population, the NLGN says.
NLGN chief Chris Leslie said: "Shouldn't the taxpayer be funding social housing for those that need most help, rather than subsidising the richest tenants who could easily afford to live in private accommodation?