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NLHNo Limit Hold'em (poker)
NLHNational Library for Health (now Health Information Resources; UK)
NLHNathan Littauer Hospital (Gloversville, NY)
NLHNew Literary History (journal)
NLHNew London Hospital (New London, NH)
NLHNumber of Levels in the Hierarchical Tree Structure
NLHNonlinear Helmholtz Equation
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I was interested in literary academe; I was interested in Americanist scholarship, so I could bring my experience from NLH to bear on shaping a new sort of journal.
Grossly, NLH comprises a well-circumscribed, fleshy or rubbery nodule (or nodules) usually measuring 2 to 4 cm, but larger lesions have been reported.
I only played four events; two PLO ($5k and $10k) and two NLH ($1,5k and $10k Main Event) events.
Hold'em Freezeout, a pounds 300 (pounds 30) NLH Freezeout and a pounds 500 (pounds 50) NLH Main Event.
of Nashua, has joined the medical staff at NLH as a hospitalist.
The NLH is a framework whereby time spent on learning activities is evidenced.
Top-selling DVDs (week ending 12,/8/07) Release Rank Title Studio Date 1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End DIS 12/4/07 2 Superbad SNY 12/4/07 3 Shrek the Third DMW 11/13/07 4 Ratatouille DIS 11/6/07 5 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause DIS 11/20/07 6 Live Free or Die Hard FOX 11/20/07 7 Hairspray NLH 11/20/07 8 Transformers DMW 10/16/07 9 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DIS 12/5/07 10 The Nanny Diaries GNS 12/4/07 DIS = Disney SNY = Sony DMW = Dreamworks FOX = Fox GNS = Weinstein/ Genius NLH = New Line Home Entertainment
Packing History, Count(er)ing Generations," NLH 31-34, no.
Benedict, "The Paradox of the Anthology: Collecting and Difference in Eighteenth-Century Britain," NLH 34, no.
A solid "how-to" guide co-written by the highly-regarded poker player Johnny Chan, whose titles include 2002 WSOP Match Play NLH Champion and 2003 WSOP No Limit Hold-em Champion among many others, Play Poker Like Johnny Chan: Book One Casino Poker is a simple guide to poker basics for players who are out to win.