NLIHCNational Low Income Housing Coalition
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Nationally, the NLIHC study shows that one in seven households are putting more than 50 percent of their income toward housing.
The annual "Out of Reach" report by the NLIHC ranks Massachusetts as the fourth least affordable state in the nation for rental housing, behind Hawaii, California and New York.
Rents continue to go up despite the fact we have a lot of excess housing on the market, but we don't have it available to people with low income," said Sheila Crowley, president of NLIHC.
To alleviate the strain of funding housing programs solely at the state and local level, NLC and NLIHC support the passage of the National Housing Trust Fund.
Many cities are in a housing crisis, and with shrinking local budgets, they believe it is time for the federal government to do its share," said Kim Schaffer, NLIHC communications director.
Details: The report is available on the NLIHC web site at http://www.
NLIHC calculates each jurisdiction's "housing wage," which is the hourly wage a full-time worker would have to earn to afford a two-bedroom apartment at the area's fair market rent.
COALITION, RENTAL HOUSING FOR AMERICA'S POOR FAMILIES: FARTHER OUT OF REACH THAN EVER 2002, at Introduction, (noting that annual NLIHC studies of housing data reveal that the affordability gap widens each year, stating: "[T]he rapid expansion of single family houses .
It is appalling that here in America, the richest country in the world, we have millions of people working full-time, plus seniors and people with disabilities, who cannot afford decent, modest rental housing," said Sheila Crowley, president, NLIHC.
NLIHC has done an analysis that demonstrates the relationship between the federal tax expenditures for subsidized housing and direct budget outlays.