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This book explains how HONNs can approximate any nonlinear data to any degree of accuracy, allowing researchers to understand why HONNs are much easier to use, and why they can have better nonlinear data recognition accuracy than SAS nonlinear (NLIN) procedures.
When the quadratic term in the model was statistically significant, the relationship between analyzed phosphorus level and the measured parameter was further evaluated using PROC NLIN to determine the response curve and estimate the phosphorus requirement in relation to the measured parameter.
Los diferentes modelos fueron analizados mediante el paquete estadistico SAS[R] usando el procedimiento para modelos no lineales NLIN, el cual usa minimos cuadrados para calcular los parametros, permitiendo realizar una estimacion previa (8).
(2008) has several possibilities in the proc nlin as the Gauss, Marquardt, Newton, Gradient, and DUD, which is the default method that uses numerical estimates of the derivatives.
Joinpoint regression has similarities with the use of nonlinear least squares regression modeling (e.g., PROC NLIN in SAS) to create a piecewise linear model, but it does not require the a priori specification of the number of points of change in the hazard function.
A analise estatistica foi efetuada utilizando-se o metodo de Gauss-Newton, para o ajuste do modelo nao-linear, que se encontra disponivel no procedimento NLIN do SAS (SAS INSTITUTE, 1989).
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Coefficients of the van Genuchten equation [21] were calculated using NLIN procedure in SAS [19].