NLISNational Land Information Service
NLISNational Livestock Identification Scheme (Australian livestock tracking system)
NLISNatural Language and Information Systems (workshop)
NLISNational Land Information System (various countries)
NLISNavy Logistics Information System
NLISNational Latino Interest Survey
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In conclusion Bodker found that AT was indeed applicable as an analytical tool to understand and structure her analysis of how NLIS employees use of VIRK, without being either too reductionist or prescriptive in her study on human-computer interaction.
The interface is understood to allow private access for solicitors using the NLIS portal, and those without access can request the information from the Agency's website at http://www.
Simon Coulthurst, sales and marketing manager for NLIS Searchflow, said: "Searchflow has invested a considerable amount of time and effort into developing a faster and more secure interface between the conveyancer and ourselves.
We have worked with NLIS Searchflow for a number of years now and we see this new link between our two companies as a large step towards the Government's eventual aim of electronic conveyancing.
The NLIS, with the help of Richards Gray, has government backing to ``speed up'' the outdated bureaucratic house-buying system in Wales and the rest of the UK.
The NLIS database replaces paper searches with an on-screen routine that takes less than an hour rather than a week or more to complete.
Hub of the new e-conveyancing system is NLIS (The National Land information Service).
Rubin Lewis O'Brien have installed the new TM NLIS search system that provides property searches via online connections to local authorities, the land registry and other information providers.
Imposing a sheep tag tax on farmers is an unnecessary cost burden given the strength of the existing NLIS system which all states enforce and which continues to provide effective traceability.
Agriculture Victoria currently retails the cheapest electronic NLIS tags in Australia thanks to a competitive tendering process and increased demand for the tags is likely to deliver even cheaper products to support producers adopting the technology.