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NLLNational Lacrosse League (professional indoor lacrosse)
NLLNational Library of Lithuania (est. 1919)
NLLNo Lives Lost (gaming)
NLLNorthern Limit Line (between South and North Korea)
NLLNormal Liquid Level
NLLNaval Logistics Library
NLLNext Level Learning (various locations)
NLLNew Orleans, Louisiana (border patrol sector)
NLLNational Law Library (legal resource)
NLLNew Life Live (radio program)
NLLNo Lost Load
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The decision of erecting man-made reefs near the NLL by South Korea, comes at a time when the two Koreas agreed to sit down and hold military talks, in what was the first time in two years, in order to solve their border tensions.
NLL also announced its new 19-member working committee at the programme.
According to Sectra, it will assume overall responsibility for technology, administration and maintenance of the County Council's radiological IT system, which will give NLL increased capacity to focus on its core operation - offering rapid and effective care.
He also coached in the NLL with Buffalo and the Minnesota Swarm.
In response, South Korea called on North Korea to abide by the NLL, stressing that it is "not possible for the democratic government to control civic groups or media," the ministry said.
On Saturday, North Korea threatened unspecified military actions if the South Korean Navy fires shots into its territorial waters north of the NLL.
North Korea does not recognize the NLL as a legitimate sea border as it was unilaterally drawn by the US-led United Nations Command after the Korean War.
The senior management of NLL are very happy with the ONELAN installed at Ravenscraig, especially as it represents good value for money.
In the daytime the equivalent noise level limit (NLL) was exceeded by 5 dBA in the 1st measurement location and by 8 dBA in the 2nd one; a high NLL excess in the 2nd measurement location was predetermined by the traffic of 1 020 cars and 98 heavy vehicles within the measurement time.
Govett's trying to keep the mojo alive by replenishing an aging roster with newcomers like third-year forward Dan Carey, an NLL all-star who led the Mammoth in scoring last year.
Earlier in the day he had been officially traded to the Rush from the expansion New York Titans--a trade he requested because, like most NLL players, he was commuting from home for every game, and the transcontinental flights were wearing him down.
Contact the NLL at (866) 817-3130, e-mail at mailto:NLLHelpdesk@navy.