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NLLNational Lacrosse League (professional indoor lacrosse)
NLLNegative Log-Likelihood
NLLNational Library of Lithuania (est. 1919)
NLLNo Lives Lost (gaming)
NLLNorthern Limit Line (between South and North Korea)
NLLNormal Liquid Level
NLLNaval Logistics Library
NLLNext Level Learning (various locations)
NLLNew Orleans, Louisiana (border patrol sector)
NLLNational Law Library (legal resource)
NLLNew Life Live (radio program)
NLLNo Lost Load
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Alterna is also the proud sponsor of NLL teams Toronto Rock and Vancouver Warriors; this new partnership with the NLL takes Alterna's involvement in lacrosse to a whole new level.
North Korean fishing boats which cross the NLL are swiftly sent back by South Korean authorities.
"The focus was to highlight how NLL supports everyone and shows our huge variety of products, programmes and services."
The boat appears to have drifted across the NLL, the de facto maritime border between the two Koreas, due to an engine problem.
Approximately 800 school libraries and an equal number of public libraries highly value the contribution of the NLL in implementing new services and enacting new projects.
It's remarkable that the term NLL was used in the official inter-Korean document.
Leaf area-LA = 0.455(NLL x LLL x LLW)-0.245 Leaf dry weight-LDW = 0.058(PW x PD)+0.00541 x RL-0.902
The South's Marines also plan to hold a similar exercise on defending Yeonpyeong Island also close to the NLL, which serves as the de facto maritime border between the two Koreas.
Many other NLL teams will also stage some of their practices at the ILA, especially when they are in Ontario preparing for a game.
NLL chairperson Rabindra Kumar Shrestha and Ganesh Prashad Banjade, chairperson of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists-Qatar, were the chief guests.
It will remain on permanent display in the Humanities and Social Sciences Reading Room of the NLL on level two.
Drawn by the US-led United Nations Command at the end of the 1950-53 Korean War, the NLL acts as the de facto sea border between the two Koreas.