NLLFSNon-Low Lung Function Subgroup
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The standardized Achenbach Adult Self-Report was administered to assess the psychological health of 77 index offspring from the community-based NLLFS; the sample was matched with the Achenbach normative sample of 77 U.S.
On comparison of the NLLFS sample and the matched Achenbach normative sample, the researchers found that there were no significant between-group differences with respect to adaptive functioning, behavioral or emotional problems, scores on mental health diagnostic scales, or the percentage of participants with a score in the borderline or clinical range.
In most assessments of well-being, the NLLFS and DLLFS children were similar to children raised in heterosexual-parent families.
This kind of involvement clearly paid off, since 93% of the 17-year-old NLLFS adolescents described their mothers as good role models.
Led by Henny Bos of the University of Amsterdam and Nanette Gartrell of UCLA's Williams Institute, the NLLFS is the first and only study to have recorded the progress of children from same sex couples since their conception.
As for sexual identity, the vast majority of the adolescents in the NLLFS rated themselves a Kinsey 0-1 (exclusively or predominantly heterosexual) (81% of the girls and 91.9% of the boys).
National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Sexual Orientation, Sexual Behavior, and Sexual Risk Exposure." The NLLFS study was launched to provide prospective data on a cohort of "lesbian families" from conception until adulthood, includes "84 planned lesbian families [with] a 93% retention rate to date," and includes 39 adolescent girls and 39 adolescent boys conceived through donor insemination.