NLLWNational Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
NLLWNew Life Living Water (San Rafael, CA)
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The mussels were spread in a horizontal band 0.4 m wide x 6 m long and covered with screen, which held them to the rock while they reattached, The level of the transplants (2.1 m above NLLW) fell at the lower limit of the mussel beds, and the resulting swaths of juvenile mussels appeared virtually identical to massive recruitment occurring naturally at the margin of mussel beds nearby.
In the winter of 1989, a severe frost killed many mussels higher than +2.7 m above NLLW, and this was reflected in depressed abundances in the high intertidal zone of all three sites in summer of 1989.
increased the cover of mussel on the level of 1.8-2.4 m above NLLW. Kirby Point received little recruitment from 1986 to 1990, and the declining abundances in this period probably result from a lack of recruits to replace losses from predation by the relatively low numbers of sea stars present, physical stress, or other mortality factors.