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NLMSNormalized Least Means Squares
NLMSNational Longitudinal Mortality Study
NLMSNormalized Least Mean Square (algorithm)
NLMSNational Late Model Series
NLMSNew London Maritime Society (est. 1983; New London, CT)
NLMSNorth London Mac Support (UK)
NLMSNavy Logistics Management School
NLMSNAVSECGRU Logistics Management System
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In case of LMS or NLMS adaptive algorithm, misadjustement is directly relative to the step size u and variation rate is inversely proportional to the step size u.
A New Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithm and Its Performance Analysis, Signal Processing, 60(4): 2055-2060.
My basic strategy was to 'reweight' the sample of black respondents in the NLMS data so that the distribution of all socio-economic variables among blacks matched that of whites.
Equations (3),(31) and (34) are the complete steps required to compute the NLMS recursion.
Cox's proportional hazards model was applied to the NLMS data to compare the risk of death from motor vehicles among marital status groups while controlling for confounders.
A similar but smaller study (12) to the NLMS examined death certificates during 1979-1983 for Hispanics in Suffolk County, New York.
The NLMS sample comprised 471,922 persons at the beginning of the study, of whom 15,885 had died by the end of the 9 year follow-up period.
8) But if the NLMS is used to look at the probability of death as a function of income for white males and females on a state by state basis, there is no evidence of any link between the estimated coefficients and state-level measures of income inequality.
Ten of the NLMS cohorts were used in this study; they were initially surveyed by the Bureau of the Census for the Current Population Surveys (CPS) of March 1979, April 1980, August 1980, December 1980, and March of the years 1981 through 1985.
The basic package includes the interface card for the file server, the drivers and NLMS, and a simple phone list front end for Windows to aid internal dialing, transferring and answering.