NLNSNew Leaders for New Schools (Denver, Colorado)
NLNSNew Liberation News Service (est. 1990; Cambridge, MA)
NLNSNational Literacy and Numeracy Strategy (various locations)
NLNSNonleafy Normal Stature (botany)
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Newly licensed nurses (NLNs) are easy targets for LV due to the lack of experience and knowledge to stand up for themselves.
NLNS produces about 150 new principals a year and operates in just six districts.
(56.) Irving to Secretary of State, 24 December 1973, NARA, NLNS, box 693, NSC Files, Country Files, Europe, Iceland, vol.
Higher levels of kernel breakage occurred during shelling of the late maturing NLNS (higher cob moisture content than its counterparts) than did with other hybrids.
The NLNS' better financially supported conservative counterpart, the Collegiate Network, was founded in 1980.
By late 2002, NLNS was up and running in New York, Chicago, and the Oakland Bay area, with three cities submitting bids to be the next expansion site.
NLNS has enrolled 48 fellows in its program so far, including some from outside education.
While LNS and NLNS hybrids could have been kept in the field after frost to achieve lower kernel moisture, the risk of snow damage and increased lodging in late October did not allow us to keep these maize types in the field long enough to obtain desirable grain moisture contents for harvesting in either year.
Plant height, internode length, and ear height were greater in the four genotypes (LRS, NLRS, LNS, and NLNS) under high plant density than low plant density (Table 2).
The four models include First Things First (FTF), Comprehensive School Reform (CSR), National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies (NLNS) and the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI).
This executive summary considers value for money in the funding of NLNS and on the perception and experience of the Strategies in schools.
The National Literacy and the National Numeracy Strategies (NLNS) are part of the British government's major education reform initiative, an attempt to significantly raise standards of achievement in schools.