NLNSNew Leaders for New Schools (Denver, Colorado)
NLNSNew Liberation News Service (est. 1990; Cambridge, MA)
NLNSNational Literacy and Numeracy Strategy (various locations)
NLNSNonleafy Normal Stature (botany)
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Irving to Secretary of State, 24 December 1973, NARA, NLNS, box 693, NSC Files, Country Files, Europe, Iceland, vol.
Irving to Secretary of State, 1 February 1974, NARA, NLNS, box 693, NSC Files, Country Files, Europe, Iceland, vol.
In 1997, at the Ottawa site and across N rates, NLNS showed a lower HI than other genotypes, which did not differ in HI amongst themselves (Table 2).
Across N rates, the NLNS and P3905 hybrids had greater ELs and EDs (Tables 3 and 4) than the other genotypes tested.
The NLNS genotype was generally among those with the greater KRN and KNR, and this was consistent across site-years.
By late 2002, NLNS was up and running in New York, Chicago, and the Oakland Bay area, with three cities submitting bids to be the next expansion site.
NLNS didn't want to reveal specifically what problems are thrown at applicants during the simulation, except to say that anything a principal might encounter is fair game.
NLNS has enrolled 48 fellows in its program so far, including some from outside education.
For example, the LNS hybrids had shorter internodes than the NLNS hybrids, as more leaves are produced in LNS hybrids than in NLNS hybrids with only small differences in height.
The highest ratios of grain yield to moisture content values were for the NLNS (0.
Most of the LNS and NLNS types lacked the erect leaf characteristic.
The CHU from planting to tasseling, and from planting to silking, were greater under high density than under low density for LNS and NLNS genotypes (Table 3).