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NLONonlinear Optics
NLONon-Linear Optimization (mathematics)
NLONext-to-Leading Order
NLONational Labor Office
NLONobody Likes Onions (website)
NLONovoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie (Russian: New Literary Observer; journal)
NLONasolacrimal Obstruction
NLONaval Liaison Officer
NLONational Liaison Officer
NLONetwork Loadable Objects
NLONepoznati Leteci Objekt (Croatian: unidentified flying object)
NLONETg Learning Object
NLONo Load Operation (computer power supplies)
NLONew Little Odessa (gaming, Half-Life 2)
NLONasolacrimal Occlusion
NLONational Lead of Ohio Inc.
NLONo Lazy Offense
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Natarajan, Growth and Characterization of Two New NLO Materials from the Amino Acid Family: L- Histidine Nitrate and L-Cysteine Tartrate Monohydrate, Optics.
Thus, Majur Mahajan was with INTUC up to 1971, and since 1972 it was affiliated to NLO.
Also at 16:24:45 UT on 2011 December 24 the NLO receivers detected a strong echo from the reentry of a Soyuz rocket third stage which occurred well to the north of the GRAVES transmitter.
Despite the withdrawal of the ABA NLO Proposal, the Task Force
All results were obtained numerically, using software NLO [1] and SPRING [2], created at Riga Technical University.
So by controlling the size of nano structure we can improve the NLO properties of nano material.
3, Summer 2008: NLO forum on Russian literature and feminism.
NLO is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and is located just east of Gulf Breeze proper on Highway 98.
With the LSM 710 NLO laser scanning microscope, the Axio Examiner fixed-staged microscope can be integrated into a multiphoton system with superior sensitivity.
The NLO office will also require you to submit proof of security clearance currency.