NLOS-CNon-Line of Sight - Cannon (US Army)
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We've also harnessed the electric drives from the NLOS-C, which are faster than the hydraulic drives used in the existing fleet," Furber said.
Technologies that would have been included in the now cancelled NLOS-C program are among those that will migrate to the new Paladin.
The drive system for the NLOS-C is hybrid-electric and contains a diesel engine that powers a generator, which charges batteries that in turn power the electric motors that drive the rubber tracks.
A total of eight NLOS-C prototypes will be produced between 2008 and 2009.
BAE announced last year it will build a 150,000 square-foot production facility for the NLOS-C in Elgin, Okla.
The 155mm cannon intended for use in the NLOS-C is currently undergoing test and evaluation.
The NLOS-C is much different than all the other combat vehicles produced by the Army thus far.