NLOS-LSNon-Line of Sight - Launch System (US Army)
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NLOS-LS is being developed as part of the Army's FCS program to provide soldiers with a rapidly deployable precision-fires delivery system.
The NLOS-LS consists of a rapidly deployable networked container launch unit that houses 15 precision attack missiles.
The NLOS-LS will provide sensor-fused indirect fire capability at the platoon level.
Systems such as the NLOS-LS will enable Soldiers to engage stand-off HPTs with greater accuracy and speed.
According to current plans, each FCS brigade would be equipped with 60 launchers, which would make up a battalion, Within the battalion, NLOS-LS platoons will have firing batteries and a headquarters component to position the weapons on the battlefield.
Much of the technology, in NLOS-LS already has been demonstrated in other programs, officials note.
While NLOS-LS missiles can use normal rocket engines, a variable-thrust motor has several advantages, according to Bob Keenan, business development manager for advanced tactical propulsion.
The NLOS-LS program implemented a robust producibility engineering and planning statement of work to promote producibility and manufacturing planning in the development program, and the program required that producibility be considered in all design decisions.
Essentially a multiple-launch rocket system in a small, portable container, each NLOS-LS contains 15 vertical-launch rounds.
The NLOS-LS CLU is the first Future Combat System equipment to be delivered, taking FCS closer to providing the warfighter a much-needed precision weapon system capable of engaging both moving and stationary targets.