NLPCNational Legal and Policy Center
NLPCNew Life Presbyterian Church (various locations)
NLPCNational Loan Processing Center
NLPCNew London Parks Conservancy (New London, CT)
NLPCNewfoundland and Labrador Power Commission
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NLPCNew Life Pharmaceutical Corp.
NLPCNorthern Lights Pyros Club (Rochester, NH)
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"Sometimes David beats Goliath," said NLPC president Peter Flaherty in a statement.
Wal-Mart has apologized for performing "threat assessments" on those shareholder groups submitting proposals ahead of its June shareholders meeting, including the NLPC. The group said it has rejected an apology from Wal-Mart, instead requesting copies of any and all materials that the company may have amassed.
The controller adopted here was originally developed by Bhat and McAvoy (30) and can be ranked as a nonlinear model predictive controller (NLPC).
The NLPC strategy described by Eqs 13 through 18 - with the minimal ANN identified previously used as the internal model - was used to control the temperature of the reactor, by manipulating the control action [T.sub.c].
In order to compare the performance of the NLPC, a conventional PID controller was carefully adjusted ([K.sub.c] = 5.4, [[Tau].sub.I] = 3.4 and [[Tau].sub.D] = 2.2) using a trial and error procedure from initial modified Ziegler and Nichols estimates, so that a conservative feedback controller was obtained.
"The gaming of the comment submission process continues and in fact appears to have reached epidemic proportions," Peter Flaherty, president of the nonprofit conservative watchdog group, NLPC, said in a statement.
La NLPC en position de decubitus dorsal a ete decrite pour surpasser ces inconvenients et pour simplifier la procedure.
Le but de notre travail est d'analyser, a travers notre experience, les aspects techniques de la NLPC en decubitus dorsal modifie, sa faisabilite et son efficacite, et d'en evaluer les resultats.
Entre novembre 2004 et janvier 2010, 141 patients ont subi 159 NLPC en position de decubitus dorsal modifie (DDM).
The NLPC alleges that Ocasio-Cortez and the others named in the complaint diverted nearly a million dollars in campaign donations to the coffers of a for-profit entity operated by ( Chakrabarti.
The NLPC claims Chakrabarti owns and operates Brand New Congress LLC, which they say spent the funds to support the campaigns of 10 or more congressional candidates.
Exactly how Chakrabarti and the LLC spent the funds is unknown as AOC's aide did not report the transfers to the FEC, the NLPC says in its complaint. The organization also claims the LLC may have failed to disclose the full amount of campaign donations spent for a number of campaign-related events for Democratic party House candidates, including those organized for Ocasio-Cortez.