NLPGNational Land & Property Gazetteer (Provides unambiguous identification of land and property in the UK)
NLPGNew Leaf Publishing Group (Green Forest, AR)
NLPGNew Line Promo Group (Russia)
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Speaking of the purchase, Katy Smith, Geo Spatial Intelligence Analyst at Cambridge Fire and Rescue Service said, “We are delighted to be working closely with Aligned Assets to transition from the NLPG to Address Base Premium.
As well as being the joint venture partner with local government in the development of the NLPG, IA also manages the national datasets for local government; the NLPG and the National Street Gazetteer (NSG).
The NLPG says it is transforming local government through cross-authority initiatives.
The C&PFA currently manages and maintains BFA~s NLPG data from within the Cambridgeshire infrastructure.
Many emergency services have systems, such as Command & Control, that still run off address data in either the Address Point or NLPG formats, which means they are currently waiting on these systems to be updated before moving to AddressBase Premium.
The day was started off with a presentation given by Richard Duffield of GeoPlace, the custodians of the National Address Gazetteer, who gave an overview of how local government data in the form of the NLPG (National Land and Property Gazetteer) was being blended with the addressing products of the Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail.
com)-- National Ladies Professional Group ("NLPG") is pleased to announce that Ada Del Rosso and Christine Tomeo have completed the chartering process to start an NLPG chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area.
They were the UK's first reseller of the NLPG, providing superior address management across the private and public sectors.
Connie Hsiung received her Bachelor's Degree in Business at the University of Southern California and will oversee the Social Media initiative of NLPG by strategically managing platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to increase NLPG's brand recognition online.
The Symphony Bluelight system will see them building on the work they did during the FiReControl project in matching their existing address data to the NLPG (National Land and Property Gazetteer) in order to create one definitive gazetteer that will be used throughout the F&RS.
com)-- The candidate process, which will see the emergency services of England and Wales able to send updates for inclusion in the Country's most definitive address database, the NLPG (National Land and Property Gazetteer), is set to be taken to the next level by gazetteer specialists Aligned Assets.
It brings together local government's address and streets gazetteers; the NLPG and the NSG, with all of Ordnance Survey's addressing products to create a 'national address gazetteer database' for England and Wales, providing one definitive source of accurate publicly-owned spatial address data.