NLPRNational Laboratory of Pattern Recognition (Institute of Automation; Chinese Academy of Sciences; est. 1987)
NLPRNew Life Parrot Rescue (UK)
NLPRNational Lab of Pattern Recognition (China)
NLPRNo Longer Playing Records
NLPRNational Laboratory of Psychical Research
NLPRNational Lupus Patient Registry (Lupus Foundation of America)
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The experiments performed on the VIPeR dataset (for person re-identification) and NLPR MCT dataset (for global multi-object tracking).
Performance in terms of accuracy (%) on the NLPR MCT dataset Method Novelty Detection Re-Identification Overall SDALF 58.
For a further discussion, see Rhonheimer's NLPR, 519-20ff, and endnote 10 of his "Intrinsically Evil Acts and the Moral Viewpoint: Clarifying a Central Teaching of Veritatis Splendor," The Thomist 58, no.