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NLRBNational Labor Relations Board (US government)
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Miscimarra also will lead the firms NLRB special appeals practice, which assists clients with appeals to the board and its general counsel.
In its ruling, the NLRB said the decision improperly allowed unions to handpick groups of workers who were likely to vote in their favor.
The NLRB ordered the hospital to give those employees backpay, and when the hospital refused, the NLRB took the case to court.
22) Despite some charter schools' similarities to traditional neighborhood schools, recent NLRB decisions have asserted jurisdiction over charter-school teachers unions.
Although Beyer and Carroll question whether this precedent applies to Catholic colleges and universities, both the NLRB and federal courts have repeatedly recognized that this boundary pertains to Catholic higher education institutions, as well as other faith-based schools.
Because the NLRB declined to assert jurisdiction in the case and dismissed the petition, the union election held in April 2014 is moot and the votes of Northwestern scholarship football players cast at that time will not be counted," according to a statement released by Alan K.
Some of the key changes in the final NLRB election rule are the following:
Before the NLRB inserted itself into what appeared to be a well-settled legal dialogue, existing policy and Supreme Court precedent generally favored the enforcements of arbitration agreements containing class waivers.
The new NLRB rules are scheduled to take effect April 15.
OSHA's policy is to advise complainants with untimely charges of the right to file charges with the NLRB, that the statute of limitations for doing so is six months, and that OSHA "recommends that the complainant contact the NLRB as soon as possible to discuss his or her rights.
On December 14, 2012, the NLRB sparked unease among employers when it affirmed an administrative law judge's (ALJ) ruling in Hispanics United of Buffalo, Inc.
Martin Murray, manager of media relations for NU subsidiary Public Service of New Hampshire, said the company will work with the NLRB on finding a solution.