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NLRBNational Labor Relations Board (US government)
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"Those allegations from the NLRB go against the U.S.
However, in 2015, the NLRB renounced this joint-employer test through what is now known as the Browning-Ferris decision.
However, in 2015, the NLRB renounced this joint-employer test in the controversialBrowning-Ferrisdecision, eliminating the requirement that the employer actually exercise control.
The ruling was among a handful of reversals made by the NLRB ahead of the December 16 expiration of the term of Philip Miscimarra, a Republican who was appointed to the NLRB in 2013 by President Obama and had served as its chairman since April.
14, the NLRB reversed its 2015 rule, the Browning-Ferris Industries case, that broadened the definition of "joint employer," and returning the joint employer standard back to its original definition.
This, coupled with his voting track record as a board member, indicates that Miscimarra will likely continue in his stand against over-regulation of businesses as acting chairman of the NLRB.
Most importantly, NLRB General Counsel Richard Griffin will continue to set the board's agenda through 2017.
The NLRB ordered the hospital to give those employees backpay, and when the hospital refused, the NLRB took the case to court.
The Act vests responsibility for application and enforcement of its mandates with the NLRB. (8) The Board's jurisdiction extends to all private-sector employers affecting interstate commerce.
(22) Despite some charter schools' similarities to traditional neighborhood schools, recent NLRB decisions have asserted jurisdiction over charter-school teachers unions.
Rather, according to the NLRB, for each individual investigation, the employer must demonstrate that it has "objectively reasonable grounds for believing that the integrity of the investigation will be compromised without confidentiality." (And note that there is no difference between "requiring" confidentiality and merely "requesting" it in the view of the NLRB.)
Catholic universities reject the NLRB's shockingly narrow definition of what constitutes religious intellectual activity.