NLRENon-Load Related Expenditure
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Under certain conditions it may also partially overlap the existence region of the Form III NLRE (see appendix for details).
Rational players would therefore never play the Form I NLRE; they would instead choose the No-First-Use Equilibrium in the region of overlap, which must include some, but may include all, of the zone of existence of Form I NLRE.
Finally, under certain conditions, the No-First-Use Equilibrium also overlaps with the Form III NLRE.
In every case, Warfighting is strictly less preferred than the alternative, except that Soft Challengers are indifferent between it and the Form II NLRE, and Soft Defenders between it and the Form I NLRE.
S] = 0 To identify all NLRE, only conditions (C1) - (C5) need to be considered, provided [y.
We now identify necessary conditions for an NLRE with [x.
Other necessary conditions for NLRE follow from the requirement that [y.
In summary, we have identified three NLRE that exist on sets of positive measure in ([p.